In order to take advantage of this excellent off-the-shelf sand table, autopilot researchers have invented a clever way. They write a program between the game and computer hardware that allows artificial intelligence-controlled autopilot programs to take the human player into the game and drive the vehicle in the virtual world. In the virtual world "practice upgrading" of the autopilot process, the practice is how the game automatically on the road to the classification of different targets, identify cars, pedestrians or other targets, and ultimately improve the automatic driving algorithm. In addition to the previously mentioned, for automatic driving research, the use of video games to simulate the value of the real world, but also can simulate the reality is difficult to simulate a special scene. For example, a variety of car accidents. In the game, you can drive a car to create a variety of accidents (this is one of the reasons for the GTA people put it down ...). In addition, GTA covers almost all kinds of road conditions, including mountains, suburbs and cities. There are a variety of vehicles, such as police cars, ambulances, taxis, trucks and other models.